Research Priority Setting

The Research Working Group of the Canadian Potato Council has a fundamental objective to develop and to maintain the National Research and Innovation Strategy for 2018-2023 that articulates the stakeholder priorities for research and innovation in the Canadian industry over a 5-year funding period.

For the research priority establishment process for Cluster 3, Research Working Group members consulted with potato growers and industry stakeholders in their respective provinces to review the key priority areas identified in the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Agricultural Policy Framework 2018-2023.

The Research Working Group considered all provincial grower and other stakeholder priorities to establish the key priority research areas that would be considered for research proposals for the period 2018 to 2023.

Research proposals were accepted in each of the key priority areas, and research projects were reviewed and selected to be included in an application for funding under Cluster 3 based on national relevance, objectives, methodology, cost efficiency and likelihood of delivering benefit to growers at the conclusion of the funding. After review by AAFC, eight (8) potato research projects were funded.

Looking Ahead

The process to establish national potato research priorities for the next Agricultural Policy Framework 2023-2028 will begin with provincial consultations during the summer of 2021.